Our Vision & Mission
Barrio Nuevo Phoenix seeks to revitalize the marginalized neighborhoods of South Phoenix through mobilizing community partners for spiritual, social and racial reconciliation. Our passion is to see at risk youth develop a love for life, learning, leadership and God.

Make a Difference with Barrio Nuevo from New City Phoenix/Barrio Nuevo on Vimeo.

Mission Revitalizing the marginalized neighborhoods of South Phoenix through mobilization of community partners to strengthen the family unit, honor the elderly, promote life-long learning, practice racial reconciliation that restores the community to where crime, violence, poverty, racial alienation, illiteracy, hunger and other forms of social marginalization no longer exist.

Poverty is caused by broken relationships. So often those who live in under resourced neighborhoods believe that having more resource, i.e. funds, possessions or a job will resolve their circumstances. However these only deal with the symptoms and not the cause of poverty, which are broken relationships with God, family, neighbors or friends.

Present projects that promote the vision and mission of Barrio Nuevo which are in our present service areas in South Phoenix at the South Ranch Habitat Community (16th Street & Southern) and Hermoso Park Neighborhood (20th Street & Southern).

House Painting Projects – brings together all different types of people from the community to paint the exterior of homes of families in need, especially seniors. This promotes partnerships between a diverse group of people to help teach the simple lesson that we need each other whether young or old and the difference one person can make.

Feeding the Homeless – we make burritos and take them to homeless in the downtown area. This helps promote a positive view of life regardless of a person’s circumstances. During the summer we have taken cold bottled water to the homeless in the downtown area.

Tuesday Life Group - an opportunity to learn from college students and adults for Jr & Sr Highers. We do games, singing, discussion and dinner together.

Wednesday tutoring program –
brings together qualified adults, college students and teens to tutor and mentor youth to develop a love of life and learning that empowers them to become responsible members of their neighborhood.

Thursday teen guys/girls groups –
provides an opportunity to learn from adults about having a love of life, a love a learning and a desire to give back.

Fridays - we take our little kids to Hermoso Park in the afternoon for games and just being together.

Our Core Values
#1. Cast a vision for becoming a life long learner and one who values all life.

#2. Volunteerism & Partnerships.

#3. Holistic approach to building and promoting the family unit in Phoenix.

#4. Strategic nurturing of indigenous leadership for both youth and seniors.

#5. Creatively pursing social justice & mercy in our service areas.

#6. Sustainability and promotion of self-responsibility and healthy interdependence.